Planking is the latest craze to hit the internet. For those who aren’t sure what planking is, it’s simply lying down face first with your arms touching the side of your body. The thrill is finding different crazy, fun, unique places to plank and of course, posting them online. Our favorite hip-pop celebrites have joined […]

R&B singer and former member of Destiny’s Child, Letoya Luckett is totally down for a Destiny’s Child reunion. Rumors swirled earlier this week about a possible Destiny’s Child reunion sometime in the fall. Although the labels have denied those rumors, but they may just be keeping the reunion under wraps. GlobalGrind ran into Letoya Luckett […]


  Tip #1 Why is it so hard to make wise food choices?  Why are we so temped to eat foods we know we should avoid?  We go through the day not eating so we are so hungry that we grab whatever is convenient, quick, available and affordable (damn those dollar menus, haha).  Now we […]