Michael Sam

Michael Sam recently made headlines when he came out of the closet earlier this month, and his bravery may solidify him as the first openly gay NFL player, once drafted. Although the Mizzou quarterback has been receiving some criticism for his decision to come out as an NFL prospect, he had the chance to step […]

Michael Sam was met with nothing but love and joy last night during halftime at the University of Missouri’s football game against Tennessee. As he may become the first openly gay NFL player after coming out last week, fans and friends have been welcoming the NFL prospect’s courage with open arms and most recently, a […]

While the rest of us are applauding what could be the NFL’s first openly gay player, the people closest to him are struggling with his revelation. NFL hopeful Michael Sam’s decision to reveal his sexual orientation may have been too much for his father to handle. According to Complex, Sam’s father, Michael Sr. is troubled by the […]