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If the news about Bennifer’s breakup hasn’t already torn your heart to shreds, fear not… There’s more heartbreak in store. As of today, NFL star Michael Sam and his college sweetheart fiancé Vito Cammisano have also split, just six months after they were engaged in Europe.

The 25-year-old football player has deleted almost all evidence of Cammisano’s existence from his social media accounts, including his proposal Insta atop Saint Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City last January. Hey, if your ex isn’t in your Instagram photos, did the relationship ever even happen?

A source told Us Weekly that the breakup was a long time coming, and their relationship has been “rocky for months.” Cammisano hasn’t deleted Sam from his life yet. In the meantime, he’s still got plenty of pics up on Instagram of the formerly happy couple before things went downhill.

We’re sad to see the two split. It was Cammisano who helped Sam first come out to his football team at the University of Missouri and stood by him while he became known as the first openly gay NFL player. After being drafted and cut by the St. Louis Rams, he is currently a member of the Canadian Football League.


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