In news related to the terrorist attack that left 12 people dead at satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo last week, a UK news station apologized for showing the publication’s latest magazine cover on air, a man is deemed a hero after saving people from a Paris gunman, and another is in custody after selling weapons to the […]

In the midst of all the chaos happening in Paris, there is one hero. A man by the name of Lassana Bathily saved 15 people from getting killed during the Paris market raid, in which 4 people’s lives were lost. Buzzfeed reports: As panic ensued, up to 15 customers in the store hurried down to the store basement, […]

UPDATE: 12/15/2014 2:15 P.M.  An official press release has confirmed that three people have died in the Sydney hostage takedown, including the shooter, 50-year-old Man Haron Monis. Seventeen people were taken hostage and two women and a police officer were hospitalized with non-threatening injuries. Here’s the police press release. Three people died in the siege and […]

Can Muslim women be hipsters too? That’s the dilemma a group of fly, smart women who happen to be Muslim are trying to confront with a new video set to Jay Z’s “Somewhere In America,” which documents the unique interests and style that would typically be used to describe the new urban archetype. But in […]

Shoppers coming into a Spring Branch, Texas shopping center were shocked to find that there were “No Muslim Parking” near a mosque. As worshippers were coming out of a mosque, the signs were posted in the parking lot, causing much controversy in the small town. The Huffington Post reports: Though the signs were taken down […]