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An Amtrak train heading to Washington, D.C, crashed into a backhoe just south of Philadelphia, killing two people and injuring several passengers. This crash forced an immediate shutdown of the Amtrak service between New York City and Philadelphia. Injured passengers are currently being treated. [USA Today]

Last night, the NYPD cleared everyone out of Times Square due to a suspicious truck with exposed wires and gas canisters driving through the area. The NYPD Bomb Squad didn’t find any serious threats after  searching the truck, but did take the driver into questioning as a precaution. [Gothamist]

The family of a Muslim middle school student in Texas wants his teacher fired for calling him a terrorist in front of his classmates. Along with wanting the teacher fired, the boy’s family also wants the school to get religious sensitivity training. [NY Daily News]

On Saturday morning, a small airplane crashed onto a car in a highway north of San Diego, killing one person in the car and injuring five others. The pilot and his passenger survived the crash with life-threatening injuries. [NBC News]

Dr. Edward Jones, an Alabama A&M professor, has been fired and arrested after police found a computer in his home with footage of him receiving oral sex from two of his male students. Officials say the incidents occurred on campus. Dr. Jones insists the university is retaliating all because he blew the whistle on the institution’s mismanagement of federal and state funds and “charging students for services it did not provide.” [The Grio]

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