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Since the Newtown, Connecticut Massacre in 2012, there have been a reported 74 shootings in the United States. Most of the shootings have occurred at K-12 schools. The incidents include shootings within a school or surrounding a school campus, and include assaults, homicides, suicides and accidental shootings. [Huff Post] A two-year-old was shot and killed in Cleveland […]

Ann B. Davis, known for her role as “Alice the Maid” on the iconic show The Brady Bunch, has passed away. The actress suffered a nasty fall in her bathroom Saturday and was later discovered by her minister when she missed her weekly hair appointment. She was 88-years-old. Read about it here…[The Hollywood Reporter] In one of […]

So this happened. Anti-gay church ATLAH Worldwide Missionary in Harlem sparked shock and utter confusion after Pastor James David posted the message that “Jesus Would Stone Homos” outside the establishment. The photo of the sign went viral yesterday, along with a video the church had on their YouTube page supporting the crime of stoning LGBT members. […]

In a 295 to 114 vote, the House has passed a bill that allows consumers to legally unlock their phones. The huge move comes after many voters called out House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte for making last minute changes to the bill. The new measure now allows consumers to use their phones with any carrier […]

Venezuelan beauty queen Genesis Carmona was shot and killed while attending a protest in Valencia. Her death marks the fifth fatality as people are fighting back against the country’s socialist government. Carmona was finishing up her Bachelor’s degree before her death. She was brought to a hospital by a motorcyclist, but died in the clinic. […]

Looks like everyone wasn’t touched by Coca-Cola’s diverse Super Bowl commercial. After Coke aired the ad, featuring “America The Beautiful” sung in different languages, the company received major backlash from some viewers who felt that it was “very un-American.” Ironic, no? The Twitter hashtag #BoycottCoke was created, and much like the Cheerios ad on interracial couples, […]

A Florida man was sentenced to 14 years in prison after tricking his girlfriend into taking an abortion pill in May. Last year, John Andrew Welden and Remee Jo Lee were expecting their first child. After Welden demanded Lee terminate her pregnancy, she refused. The medical student then tricked her by giving her a Cytotec while she […]

In this episode of The Tea Party tweet the darndest things.. Democrat and Texas gubernatorial hopeful Wendy Davis was attacked with sexist and crude remarks courtesy of Tea Party member Todd Kincannon, who spewed out hateful tweets about her personal life. The Democratic candidate recently revealed personal details about herself after a Dallas newspaper claimed […]

Be jealous, be very jealous. There are an astonishing 85 people who are just as rich as half of the world. The very rich may enjoy the statistic, but it brings up serious issues of global economic inequality. In an effort to target a more equal economic ground, Oxfam is encouraging leaders to take a […]

More details are coming out about the NSA and its taps into personal phones and computers. According to Gawker, a New York Times article has discovered that the NSA has the ability to track computers that are offline. Since 2008, the program has used secret radio waves that track over 100,000 computers. The program, mainly […]

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is changing the view of the Republican Party, one vote at a time. The minority vote has always been a far feat with Republicans but according to the votes gained in last week’s election, the politician obtained most of the Hispanic and African American vote in New Jersey. In an […]

Was that a sub-tweet? You’d think they’d be above it, but politicians are known to throw social media punches every now and then. With over 100 American political figures tweeting about campaigns and policies, a couple of jabs at their competitors and colleagues are bound to float around. Take a look into the political world […]