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An 85-year-old man was robbed and tied up to a coffee table after meeting teenage twins on a dating website. Paul Aronson was looking for companionship online and instead wounded up with trouble instead. The two 17-year-old girls stole nearly $500 in cash, took his credit cards, and shopped for makeup. They were busted this past Tuesday for kidnapping, burglary, grand larceny, and assault. [NY Daily News]

This is disturbing. Two men from Pakistan robbed more than 100 corpses at a local cemetery for their personal consumption. Allegedly, the men wanted to make “human curry.” Prior to this incident, cannibalism was legal in Pakistan but lawmakers are now filing a bill that bans the consumption of a corpse for “magical purposes.” This isn’t a first for the cannibalist duo. The two men served time after police found remains of a 24-year-old woman in a stew, which was later linked to a missing corpse from a graveyard. [Daily News]

Charlottesville police have confirmed the remains that were found in an abandoned property belong to Hannah GrahamPolice found the body last week and confirmed on Friday that it was Hannah. Jesse Leroy Matthew is still under investigation in this case. He is also linked to the 2009 disappearance and murder of Virginia Tech student Morgan Harrington, whose body was found in a 5-mile radius from Graham’s. [Gawker]


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