Rick Ross and Meek Mill may have been involved in a brawl last night, according to new reports that claim a group of guys picked a fight with the rappers at a club. TMZ reports: A brawl erupted between a group of guys who picked a fight with Rick Ross and Meek Mill at a club Friday night … […]

It’s February, which means that it’s Black History Month, and there are many ways that people are celebrating, including the NBA. The basketball league launched their Dream BIG campaign, which featured a designed t-shirt created by Ray Allen, but now two NYC designers are taking the celebrations into their own hands. Jah Meke Rodriguez and Duane […]

Design for NBA All-Star Fashion Show on TNT on 2/14. Dressed Jerry “The Logo” in a suit! pic.twitter.com/BI102b03rQ — Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) February 10, 2015 There’s already so much set to happen this weekend in NYC for NBA’s All-Star weekend, but a fashion show produced by LeBron James is something we definitely want to tune in […]

Here’s some decent news. As of Sunday night, New York City has made it a full week without a homicide. That’s a feat, given the last homicide was attributed to an incident that left five shot on Sunday near the intersection of W. 136th St. and Broadway in Harlem. According to the New York Daily News, police said […]

The family of Akai Gurley, the unarmed black man shot by a New York City police officer in a dark stairwell, is planning to sue the city for $50 million over his death. Gurley’s girlfriend, Kimberly Ballinger, notified New York City of the lawsuit on Thursday. Ballinger’s lawyer, Scott Rynecki, said Officer Peter Liang acted […]

It’s true. The blizzard of 2015, the “life-threatening” storm dubbed Juno by meteorologists, didn’t live up to its hype in the city that never sleeps. The 2-3 feet New Yorkers were promised never came. In its place, less than 10 inches fell to the ground — a fault of Mother Nature’s (not Mayor Bill de […]

The “life-threatening” and “historic” blizzard New Yorkers hunkered down for reared its head Monday evening, but pulled back just when meteorologists thought it would deliver its promised Day After Tomorrow wrath. And people expecting to get their Jake Gyllenhaal on weren’t very happy with New York City officials for preparing for the worst. We’re not kidding. […]

UPDATE: 2:30 PM EST If you’re on the East Coast between New Jersey and Massachusetts, this is for you. Go home. Now. NY Mayor Bill de Blasio says all non-emergency vehicles must be off roads as of 11 pm tonight http://t.co/Rf3qdtYUir — Breaking News (@BreakingNews) January 26, 2015 There will be limited @MTA subway service […]

The makeshift memorial for the 43-year-old Staten Island man who died after a police officer held him in an illegal chokehold last year was charred in a fire on Monday, police say. Police determined the fire that destroyed Eric Garner’s Staten Island, NY memorial was “not intentionally set.” Criminality, they say, is not suspected. The fire occurred at […]

Activist groups nationwide took to the streets on the first Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday since the police killings that left multiple unarmed black men dead last year to walk in the civil rights icon’s footsteps and invoke the same call for justice Dr. King did during the 1960s. It’s a disheartening parallel — […]