Welcome back to another Blac Chyna saga sure to have you questioning, wondering, and then finally…just giving it all to God.   If you haven’t been up to date, Chyna got into a bit of a snafu over the weekend when she was caught fighting with a stroller at Six Flags.  That’s right, at one […]

One Arizona woman was allegedly way too eager when Easter Sunday came around — to the point where things got violent. According to ABC News, 40-year-old Sharron Dobbins was arrested for using a stun gun to wake her son for church. Phoenix police said she “contact tazed her teenage son on the leg” to get […]

Today, Rich The Kid left folks baffled and confused when video surfaced of him crashing the University of Southern California’s campus. Footage shows him randomly dancing on top of a classroom desk while jamming to his song “Plug Walk.” The classroom didn’t seem as enthused as he was.   With an album coming out on […]

The historically Black college Howard University is in some hot water right now. On Wednesday, it was announced that six employees have been fired following an investigation of misappropriated financial aid funds. Howard University president Wayne A.I. Frederick made the announcement amidst a whistleblower’s post, which has since been taken down. The post claimed […]

It’s story time folks. One guy was not about to let the police take him alive, so he conjured up his inner most James Bond, Ethan Hunt, and Indiana Jones to dodge 5-0 like the plague.   Michael Maldonado was arrested on Monday during a traffic stop and was brought to Porter County jail in […]

People tend to have the most random and strangest talents. Ellen brought out the best of them on her show and let’s just say, they’ll keep you on the edge of your seat. Check out all the odd talent below!

If you think getting trapped in an elevator is terrifying, imagine the steps of an escalator collapsing beneath you, swallowing you into the underworld. That’s what happened to one commuter in Turkey, only less dramatic…but, only by a little bit. Back in February at the Ayazaga Metro in Instanbul, folks were going down escalators when […]

Wendy’s is no stranger to controversy. Over the past year, the fast food chain has been in Twitter wars with competitors like McDonald’s and Wingstop. Not to mention, certain celebrities are claiming they have a lack of support for women farm workers. So in short…Wendy got some drama. Now, the company is taking some of their […]

One Minnesota teenager didn’t even make it to the road when she took her driver’s test this past Wednesday. She did, however, manage to crash into the driver’s examination station. Before you freak out, thankfully the teenager wasn’t hurt and her 60-year-old instructor only suffered minor injuries. According to the Star Tribune, the 17-year-old was driving […]

Kid The Wiz is one of those dancers that you’ve probably seen on TV or at least, a New York train station. The litefeet dancer and all around trick guru has captivated audiences on shows like America’s Got Talent and Wild ‘n Out. Not to mention, his subway dance videos have received thousands of views on Instagram. […]

Making a grand entrance in the club can be tough work. Your timing has to be perfect, the outfit has to be on point, and you have to make sure your horse is tame? One dancer at the Mokai Lounge in Miami Beach was certainly trying to keep their horse calm when they decided to […]

Instagram user @straightup_631 is a beast on his four wheeler. The skilled rider maneuvers through tricks like the quad is his own personal gym. Not to mention, his videos usually come with a dose of positivity and a fire soundtrack. Check out our Global Grind Spotlight for the day below and swipe through for more killer […]