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Folks will definitely go out their way to save a buck. One man was trying to cut back his costs for car insurance and he went as far as changing his gender identity.

According to CBS Chicago, David, who lives in Alberta, Canada, wanted to buy his dream car and he started calling insurance providers for a quote. He was disappointed to find out that in order to insure his new Chevy Cruze, he would have to pay $4,500 a year because he is a man in his 20s with one accident on his record.

Well, David was not about this.

He asked the insurers what it would cost if he was a woman and the quote went down to $3,400.

Thus to save $91 a month, David took advantage of Canada’s policies on officially changing your gender. In Alberta, you only need to have a doctor’s note stating that the patient identifies as a member of a different gender.

David got the doctor’s note, sent it to Alberta’s provincial government and received a new birth certificate in the mail a few weeks later. According to Canadian government, David is now a woman and qualifies for cheaper car insurance.

Now before anyone starts criticizing how easy it is to get a legal gender change (something that can actually be helpful for trans people), it might be better to put Canadian car insurance practices into question. Then all of this could’ve been avoided.


“I’m a man, 100 percent,” David said. “Legally, I’m a woman. I did it for cheaper car insurance.”