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Hollywood Radio & Television Society Presents "Kids Day 2006" - Inside

Source: Stephen Shugerman / Getty

In 2006, Hip Hop Harry landed on Discovery Kids and TLC as a children’s television program that mixed life lessons with rap music.

Think Barney, but hip hop?

The show was full of elementary campiness, making it prime material for a viral revival.

One highlight of the show was towards the end when the kids and Hip Hop Harry would form a circle and have an intense dance-off. The moment was quite entertaining in retrospect, especially since many of the kids were doing 2000s dance moves that folks were no doubt trying to replicate in their neighborhood schoolyard.


Folks on social media were definitely hit with memories because soon, people started placing themselves in front of the Hip Hop Harry set background to show off their moves. Rapper and social media star, Ron Suno, was one of the first to post a video, dawning a simple white tee, a durag and a fitted cap.


Once the video caught on, there was no turning back. Folks across social media and video platforms started showing off their hilarious moves for the world to see.

Hip Hop Harry would be proud.

For more legendary dance-offs, check out the clips below.











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