Lindora Richardson is a life-saving hero! Charlotte, North Carolina school bus driver Lindora gained the title of a hero after she saved 6 students from a deadly blaze that erupted from a school bus Wednesday. STORY: HOLY JEEZ! Two-Year-Old Boy Rescued After Drowning! Lindora said she smelled a burning smell and after investigating and noticing […]

Chainsaw Massacre?! Dean Dinnen, 24, came into The Endyke pub in Hull, northeastern England and began chasing customers around with a gas-powered chainsaw. STORY: WE PRAY! Record Exec John Atterberry Shot In The Face During Shooting Rampage! Dean’s reaction was to being kicked out of the pub 50 minutes earlier for being told to leave […]

Bradie Simpson, a 39-year-old mother from Camdenton, Missouri, did the unthinkable when she allegedly slashed her nine-month-old baby’s throat just months after she told a pastor that she could be possessed and might hurt the baby girl. STORY: HOLY JEEZ! 7 People Shot To Death After Opening Christmas Presents  Simpson’s lifeless body was found in […]

Today, Russell Simmons (via video) and criminologist David Kennedy, along with former NAACP director Ben Chavis, joined MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan in Austin, Texas to talk about the failed War on Drugs and the underlying problems of the Texas prison system. DETAILS: The American War On Drugs: It’s Not The Solution To The Problem, It’s The […]

This week’s photos are just off the wall bonkers. We circled the globe looking for the craziest, most insane pictures we could find and we think we did. The picture above shows the Raut sisters of India, Savita, 23, Monisha, 18, and Savitri, 16, who suffer from an extremely rare disease known as “werewolf syndrome,” […]

The Nevada Police Department is paying an innocent man back after beating him while he was in diabetic shock. The police department claims to have mistaken him for a drunken driver. STORY: Police Brutality! Cop Punches Woman On L.A. Bus (SHOCKING VIDEO) ABC News Reports: A Nevada city will pay a diabetic man $158,500 after […]

7-year-old Brittney Baxter is lucky to be alive after she escaped an attempted kidnapping at a Georgia Walmart. STORY: Kidnap Victim Elizabeth Smart Is Engaged Kicking and screaming, Brittney thwarted an attempt by 25-year-old Thomas Woods, from Austell, Georgia, after he tried to abduct the 7-year-old in the aisle of the retail chain. Woods put […]

And the grandson of the year award goes to Noah Lamaide! The 12-year-old Wisconsin boy came to his grandmother’s rescue after she fell behind on her mortgage payments for the home that has been in their family for three generations. STORY: GLOBAL CRAZY! Little Chinese Boy Has Eyes That Glow In The Dark Noah’s 72-year-old […]

And you think you’ve got problems? Dubbed the “Werewolf Sisters,” three Indian girls are faced with taunts every day after being born with a rare syndrome known as hypertrichosis universalis, which results in excessive hair over the body.  STORY: Chinese Boy With The Cat Eyes & Other Super Kids!  The syndrome, which has no known […]

A Pittsburgh high school basketball game turned ugly – in a truly weird way. Racial tensions escalated after two students at Brentwood High School dressed in banana suits at a game, and hurled racial slurs toward the students of predominately black Monessen High. EXCLUSIVE: Stop It Five! Newt Gingrich’s Coded Racism   According to the […]

How can a father subject his own son to such a coldhearted task? A Chinese father is gaining international attention after he forced his nearly naked 4-year-old son to run around and do pushups in the New York snow. STORY: What In The?!?! Staten Island Mom Sues The City For $900 Trillion On a cold […]

Talk about a well-fed baby! Central Chinese mother, Wang Yujuan, 29, gave birth to one of China’s heaviest babies – recorded at a shocking 15.5 pounds.  STORY: WOAH! Brazilian Baby Born With Two Heads! According to the Associated Press, the delivery took about 20 minutes and Wang and her newborn, named Chun Chun are doing […]