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Seth Collins has made it his mission to fulfill his late brother’s dying wish.

Aaron Collins, who passed away last year at 30 years old, requested that his family “go out to dinner and leave an awesome tip,” Seth reports. He added, “And he said, ‘I’m not talking about 25%. I mean, $500 for pizza.'”

So, to honor his wish, Seth set up a website and raised $60,000, which he is now using to leave $500 tips in all 50 states.

Aaron “had always been a generous tipper” Seth explains. As a kid, if he wasn’t happy with the tip his parents left, “he would take a couple dollars of his own money and toss that on the table to help bolster the amount of the tip.” (In other tip-related news, here’s who gets your Starbucks tips.)

To follow Seth’s cross-country odyssey, click here.

SOURCE: USAToday/YouTube