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Looks like the judge who forced parents to change their baby’s name from Messiah to Martin for religious reasons will be facing a judge, too.

The parents now have the support of a nonprofit organization called Freedom from Religion Foundation, as they fight to have the judge punished for her decision which exhibited religious favoritism.

The parents of the 7-month-old baby boy initially went to the Cocke County Chancery Court because they could not decide which surname their son would have. However, Judge Ballew took it upon herself to change his name from Messiah DeShawn Martin to Martin DeShawn McCullough, which incorporated both of their surnames.

Defending her decision, the judge reminded the parents that a large portion of the residents that live in the same town they do are Christians. She also added that:

“It could put him at odds with a lot of people and at this point he had had no choice in what his name is.”

FFRF supports the separation of church and state and is now asking for an investigation to be conducted. This, obviously, is music to the mother’s ears as she has also filed an appeal about the judge’s decision and is due back in court September 13.

Best of luck to her and Messiah!

SOURCE: NY Daily News