It’s hard to believe that it’s been six months since Adam Lanza forced his way into Sandy Hook Elementary and massacred 20 children and six staffers, but the pain and sorrow of the mass shooting is still with us. And since the Dec. 14, 2012 tragedy, 33 people have been murdered every day by guns […]

The pain is still fresh. The memories still vivid. And the tears still come. But believe it or not, it’s been a long and difficult six months since Adam Lanza opened fire on 20 first-graders and six staffers at Sandy Hook Elementary School. And as the nation stood silent in the wake of all those deaths, […]

Ever since the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the country has been trying to figure out the best way to prevent a similar incident from ever happening again. While gun control is already being put into question, some schools are now planning on doing attack drills with faculty to test their preparation for a […]

The students of Sandy Hook Elementary this year can breathe a little easier, since the school where the horrifying and traumatizing shooting that killed 20 of their classmates was recommended to be torn down. Officials of a task force voted to tear down the original school, which has been closed since the shooting, to have […]

After a public meeting that took place yesterday debating whether or not the town of Newtown should reopen the Sandy Hook Elementary School after last year’s shooting, some are outraged. One of those who finds the idea to be a bad one is the daughter of the Principal of the school, Erica Lafferty, who is […]

A hard-hitting new website is giving American’s a dose of reality when it comes to the politicians that are put in place to serve them: They don’t work for us…they work for the National Rifle Association. On the site, “They Don’t Work For You,” designers (from the Brooklyn shop Guts and Glory) have paired every […]

“I’m late! I’m late for a very important date!” Saturday’s Politico Playbook has some questionable comments from Republican Sen. Susan Collins, specifically the statement that Newtown shooting victims made her late for dinner with President Barack Obama. Anyone would be in rush to break bread with POTUS but the Newtown victims need love too. DETAILS: […]

Since the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT last year, the fight for gun control has only gotten more intense. One of the mothers who faced death with her 6-year-old son in the shooting has just visited the White House in order to plead for gun control in the U.S. DETAILS: TEAMWORK! […]

It has been nearly four months since the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School and now legislative leaders are finally planning to pass what they call the most far-reaching gun-legislation package in the country. VIDEO: “Demand Action Now:” Heartbreaking Gun-Control Ad Features Sandy Hook Families  In Connecticut, the new gun laws will require new state-issued eligibility certificates […]

With photos of the Sandy Hook Elementary School gunman Adam Lanza scarce, it was a suprise today when his school identification card was released to the public. PHOTOS: Live By The Gun: Search Warrants Reveal Adam Lanza Was A Member Of The NRA  In the eerie photo, a 16-year-old Lanza stares, eyes wide open, into the […]

Susan Ludwig will never forget the day she had to tell her daughter that her best friend, first grader Grace McDonnell, had died. VIDEO: “Demand Action Now:” Heartbreaking Gun-Control Ad Features Sandy Hook Families  It was December 14, 2012 and Ludwig’s two children who attended Sandy Hook Elementary were safe, but their classmates had perished during […]

UPDATE: 12:30 PM EST The National Rifle Association has released a statement that calls a relationship between Adam Lanza and the organization “false.” According to Business Insider: “There is no record of a member relationship between Newtown killer Adam Lanza, nor between Nancy Lanza, A. Lanza or N. Lanza with the National Rifle Association. Reporting […]