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As the one year anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting approaches, Newton officials have released the 911 calls from that fateful day.

The calls come just a week after officials released a report regarding shooter Adam Lanza and eerie details of his mental health and a timeline of the massacre, in which he killed 26 children and teachers.

In the 911 calls, parents, teachers and staff can be heard describing the scene to operators. One phone call came from active head custodian, Rick Thorne, as he gave the dispatchers details about what was happening at Sandy Hook.

“They’re shooting at the front glass something is going on, the front glass is all shot-out, it’s still happening…..  Everything is locked up as far as I know, they’re in lock up….. I’m not in the front..I keep hearing shooting I keep hearing popping.”

Thorne was just on the other side of the school when he heard the gunshots. He stayed calm while on the line, and remained so for over 3 minutes.

“Two teachers told me they saw shadows going past the gym. There’s still shooting going on, please…”

Other calls are seconds long, with one from a sheriff, who assisted a victim shot in the foot.

You can hear the 911 calls by clicking here.

SOURCE: Gawker

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