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Newtown Superintendent Janet Robinson spoke in a press conference today about how the town will transition the students from Sandy Hook Elementary School into a neighboring building. VIDEO: “I Know Why He Pulled The Trigger:” Student Suspended For Sandy Hook Poem!  “The students coming in completes the circle,” she said. Students are scheduled to return to […]

An aspiring poet and high school student was suspended for a personal poem she wrote about why Adam Lanza murdered 27 people in Newtown, Conn. DETAILS: The Very Last Funeral: Body Of Adam Lanza Finally Claimed For Burial  Courtni Webb, 17-years-old, who says she writes poetry to express herself, told NBC that she was trying to […]

UPDATE: 11:15 A.M. EST Peter Lanza, Adam Lanza’s father, has been confirmed as the family member who claimed the body. This story is developing ——-   After more than two weeks of funerals for victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, the body of Adam Lanza, which has remained at the Connecticut chief medical examiner’s […]

Violence is not the answer but some teachers in Utah apparently don’t think so. In the wake of the shooting that took place in Newtown, Connecticut, hundreds of Utah teachers took a six hour training by Gun-rights advocates, recieving lessons on handling concealed weapons on Thursday. DETAILS: “We Are Struggling!” Newtown Overwhelmed By Gifts & […]

Arizona is jumping on the “armed personnel in school” bandwagon. DETAILS: Say What!? Utah Teachers To Get Free Weapons Training!  Attorney General of Arizona, Tom Horne, has submitted a proposal stating that he plans to arm one principal or employee at each school to defend against attacks such as Sandy Hook. “The ideal solution would be […]

And this, my friend, is how rumors get started. DETAILS: Big Bang Theory? Geneticist To Study Shooter Adam Lanza’s DNA For Possible Motive  Jonathan Lee Riches drove to Newtown Conn. two days after the shooting and posted up at one of the many memorial sites, telling people he was “Jonathan Lanza,” Adam Lanza’s uncle. When The […]

Newtown Conn. has received so many gifts in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, that they are now begging the town and the nation for a temporary halt in donations. PHOTOS: PRAYERS! Newtown Grieves Through Their First Christmas Following Sandy Hook Massacre  “Our hearts are warmed by the outpouring of love and support […]

In the wake of the Sandy Hook shootings and the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) call to put armed guards in schools across the U.S., more than 200 teachers in Utah will take part in a concealed-weapons training course. DETAILS: School Or Prison? New Jersey Town To Put Armed Guards In All Schools  As organizers seek to […]

In an attempt to pinpoint a motive in Adam Lanza‘s Sandy Hook shooting rampage, geneticists have been asked to study his DNA to find abnormalities or mutations.  DETAILS: Pieces Of The Puzzle: More Insight Into Gunman Adam Lanza’s World  These mutations or abnormalities, if found in Lanza’s DNA, might be a direct link to an increase […]

Another We The People White House petition is gaining traction! A petition to legally recognize the Westboro Baptist Church, infamous for their unconventional and offensive protests, as a hate group, has garnered nearly 250,000 signatures. DETAILS: Our Hero! 9-Year-Old Fights Back Against Westboro Baptist Church  Less than a day after the Sandy Hook shootings, members of […]

The Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy took place less than two weeks ago, and already members of the town must get through their first Christmas without their lost loved ones. As a Newtown tradition, the town holds an annual Christmas play which features members of the community, including young children. Normally an exciting and festive […]

The routine didn’t get any easier. A week full of funerals isn’t natural and the pain is still as sharp as the day they lost their beloved ones. Newtown buried the last victims of the Sandy Hook shootings this weekend, but they can’t bury what happened on December 14. PHOTOS: Gone Too Soon: More Funerals On […]