A gunman is in police custody after holding two hostages captive for more than an hour at a Paris post office Friday. The standoff, which began before 1 p.m. (6 a.m. ET) was diffused within an hour and a half. The incident was not linked to the terrorism Paris has experienced in the past two […]

Legendary gospel songwriter and performer Andrae Crouch died Thursday afternoon at Northridge Hospital Medical Center in Los Angeles, his publicist Brian Mayes confirmed. Crouch was admitted to the hospital Saturday after suffering a heart attack. The seven-time Grammy award winner is known for penning gospel favorites like “The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power,” ”My Tribute […]

Two students and one teacher’s aide are dead after two school buses collided on a Knoxville, Tennessee road Tuesday afternoon. At least 27 others were injured in the Asheville Highway crash, authorities say. The children killed were in third grade or below, according to Knoxville Police Chief David Rausch. It is unclear what caused the collision, […]

Jose Luis Abarca Velazquez, the former mayor of Iguala, has been charged with the murder of six students killed by the police in September. According to The Guardian, Abarca is allegedly connected to the disappearance of 43 students from a teacher college in Ayotzinapa. The students traveled two hours to Iguala and were attacked by the […]

Families, friends, and outraged citizens have taken to the streets for answers about the most curious case in contemporary Mexican history. The mystery of the missing students in Mexico began back in September, when 43 students from an all-male liberal college in rural Ayotzinapa traveled to the historic city of Iguala to protest over the lack […]

Never once have I imagined either of my daughters ever going to prison.  Never have I had the image in my head of my children getting finger-printed, photographed and processed by police officers at the local precinct. Never have I imagined Aoki or Ming in an orange jumpsuit walking through in-take at LA County Jail. […]

Let us preface the story with this — we all want to see Beyonce. We love Beyonce. Beyonce is everything. So we really can’t blame Madison, a sixth grader at the Inspired Teaching School in Washington D.C., for wanting the same thing. Her disappointment that President Obama was visiting her school for a public service […]

An Oklahoma teacher, who clearly isn’t here for first impressions, decided to show up drunk and without pants for the first day of school. We can’t make this stuff up. Lorie Ann Hill, 49, was arrested and booked into the Wagoner City Jail after she showed up to the school inebriated and half-dressed. From Tulsa World: […]

So this happened. A Georgia teacher was fired from her position after a group of 14-year-old students took naked selfies from her cell phone and posted them online. The school board voted to fire Lekeshia Jones, 34, last week for not properly handling the incident. She claims, however, she was wrongfully terminated from Myers Middle School […]

This upcoming school year, all students in the Chicago Public Schools system will be given free meals, regardless of income. This is the first time that all schools, including “well-off” institutes, will join in. About 400 schools participated last year. From Think Progress: Participation has already brought benefits to Chicago. The district no longer has to […]

The woman who was busted for posing as a 15-year-old teenager at a Texas high school will serve 85 days in jail for the crime. Thirty-four-year-old Charity Anne Johnson was taken in by a co-worker and enrolled in New Life Christian High School after she told the woman that her parents had died. After keeping up the act […]

 A white teacher in Iowa is under investigation after demanding a black student refer to him as “master.” Jabre White, a senior at Roosevelt High School, said teacher Shawn McCurtain made the demand while telling a group of students to head downstairs to take a final in economics. “Yes, sir,” Jabre recalls telling him. “You meant to […]