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Back to school again! Signs prove that Covid could be making a comeback after months of falling cases. With the virus on the rise, we want students returning to school to remain safe with these five back-to-school safety tips.

Experts told NBC News that while cases are going up, they are not currently expecting a massive spike in Covid.

Hospitalizations have been trending upward since the beginning of July — the first increase seen this year, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The agency reported 8,035 new hospital admissions for the week ending July 22, a 12.1% increase compared to the week prior, though still one of the lowest points in the pandemic. At the same time last year, for comparison, that number was more than 44,000.

Some children have already returned to school in the South and Southwest regions. In most places, masks aren’t a school requirement. However, in a bacteria-filled place such as public schools, maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to keep your children masked up.

We have that tip plus a few others to ensure your children have an easeful return to school.

Most parents were relieved to have their children returning safely to school this year, so they could take off the teacher hat and focus solely on their jobs to provide for them. If that is your circumstance as a parent, these safety tips will be beneficial for you and your children’s wellbeing.

Here are 5 back-to-school tips as students return during the Covid-19 pandemic:

Schedule Your Child’s COVID-19 Vaccination

Earlier this year, the FDA approved for the use of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine in adolescents between the ages of 12 and 15. It was initially only approved for teens 16 and older. With the expansive range for the vaccine, it has changed the course on limiting the spread of the virus.

Consider scheduling your child’s vaccine if they fall between the appropriate age range.

Being fully vaccinated is surely one of the greatest preventions in stopping the spread of the virus and keeping you and your loved ones safe.

Practice Everyday Precautions

When preparing to send your children back to school, remember to reinforce everyday Covid-19 precautions that were implemented early on in the pandemic.

Be sure to continue social distancing. One of the most important safety measures even if your child is vaccinated. While vaccines provide strong protection from severe illness, no vaccine is 100% perfect at preventing infection. As we learned, an infected individual can be asymptomatic but also very contagious.

Many schools are enforcing a mask mandate throughout the day, but continue to remind your children of the importance of keeping their masks above their noses. Wearing a mask helps contain any potentially infectious respiratory droplets that may be released while breathing, talking or coughing.

At the very least, ask that your children wash their hands often to help limit the risk of getting sick after touching contaminated surfaces. This bacteria can easily spread to your eyes, nose or mouth if children touch their faces.

The Delta variant spreads much easier than the versions of the virus we’ve witnessed previously. We must reinforce these practices to prevent any more outbreaks.

Learn What Safety Measures Are Being Implemented 

Large gatherings anywhere are dangerous and come with risks no matter how closely we may follow precautions. Studies show that children learn best when in a classroom, so the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) decided to publish specific guidelines to help keep schools as safe as possible during the impending pandemic and as students return to in-person learning.

Learn your child’s school’s safety measures. Be sure the school is adhering to the recommendations set by public health officials. Though schools should be sending out the safety measures and guidelines for the school year, as a parent or student, make sure you have these questions answered:

  • Have teachers and staff been vaccinated?
  • What changes have been made to classrooms, hallways, cafeterias and buses to ensure social distancing?
  • Will hand-washing opportunities be frequent and hand sanitizer readily available?
  • Have cleaning services been increased and how often will high-touch surfaces be disinfected?
  • Are students and staff who feel sick required to stay at home?
  • What is the plan if someone at the school tests positive for COVID-19?
  • What are you doing about sports and other activities?

Check In With Your Child’s Well-Being

With so much uncertainty in the world, it is important to check in with your child. Are they experiencing any concerns or anxiety upon returning to school during the pandemic? Try to be available and prepared to make your child feel comfortable.

Some questions may arise about wearing the masks throughout the day or if an outbreak occurs at school, be sure to. listen, empathize and reassure your child during these times.

Schedule An Annual Wellness Exam For You and Your Child 

This is not new news. Be sure to check you and your child’s overall health and wellness.

Coronavirus attacks the respiratory system, and easily eats away at an unhealthy immune system. If you’re performing regular checkups with your family doctor, you can stay one step ahead to ensure everyone is in great shape to fight off unwanted bacteria.

Go get checked!

We wish those returning to school a safe and healthy transition back! Follow these five easy tips and we will fight this together.