This summer was totally epic and we'll have lots of great memories to look back on...

How great was summer? OK so maybe it wasn’t exactly like that, but it totally felt like it… Sun, sand, beach, parties. It’s basically like Beyonce. Perfect. So Labor Day totally sucks because it means summer is over. FML. For those of us in the working world, it means less rooftop happy hours the changing of seasons […]


Enjoying a day at the beach with the boys? Well, it never hurts to go in style, and some simple stripes are all you need. Sailor stripes, black and white stripes, vertical stripes, whatever the case may be the look is on-trend for this season in the sun. Lucky for you, I have a few […]

Summer in New York is both amazing and terrible.  The sun is finally out, the beaches are open and you can utilize those sick days you’ve been saving up all year long. Unfortunately, the population in New York also seems to double from May to August, the crowds at the beach are like nothing you’ve […]


Just because it’s hot outside doesn’t mean you can’t keep cool while dressing your best. You’ve been waiting all year to get into your summer clothes and show off that well-groomed body and now’s the time to do just that. I know you want to look as good as your fresh cuts and shaves, so […]

Well hello there summer, we’ve been waiting patiently for your arrival since you left us with a cold breeze last September. But now that you’re back, we know that a few people are going to try to abuse the warmth and sunrays that you bring with eyesores masked as fashion choices. See, in the winter, […]

The warm weather is finally here, so that means that summer is FINALLY on it’s way. With just a few weeks of spring left, it’s time to finalize your summer plans. Summer is all about living free, hanging out with your friends, and of course LIVE MUSIC. There is no better way to spend your […]

Summertime is definitely the season of change. Whether it’s weight change, wardrobe change or hair change, the summer heat gives us all an itch for something new and Alicia Keys is one of the latest celebs to take the big step. PHOTO: SNIP! SNIP! Alicia Keys Debuts New Haircut! Debuting a new look this week […]

Emmy Rossum is shameless when it comes to flaunting that toned body of hers! PHOTOS: Emmy Rossum’s Shameless, Rocks Vintage Look On Red Carpet! The 25-year-old actress spent some time coolin’ off at the pool this past weekend and tweeted several photos of her jumping right into the water.  There was also an adorable photo of her […]

This summer is going to be jam packed with excitement and laughs thanks to a drove of new movies. TRAILER TIME: “Django Unchained” And Other Upcoming Movie Trailers!  And as promised, more trailers for some of this year’s most anticipated flicks have come out this week. A restricted featurette for the much awaited summer comedy […]

The rest of the year is sure to be filled with laughter, tears and many movie surprises. Trailer Time! “Anchorman 2” & Other Flicks You Wanna See This Summer Trailers for some of this year’s most anticipated blockbuster films have just been released, including Django Unchained, where you see actor Jamie Foxx transform into a bounty […]


Ever had that not-so-straight feeling the morning after drinking all night? Regret all those drunk texts, phone calls, the pictures that came after and making out with your best friend? Well, there’s an app for that. Read on! What: Exodus International Made by: Exodus International What It Does: Created by an anti-gay Christian organization for users […]