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2009 MTV Video Music Awards - Show

Source: Jeff Kravitz / Getty

Time flies when you’re turning up.

The era when Facebook was new and poppin’, flip phones and baggy clothes were out and sidekicks and skinny jeans are in — but one thing that doesn’t change with the times is our love for music. Ten years ago, Rihanna hadn’t solidified her place in music, Beyoncé and Jay Z weren’t even parents yet and Kanye West was Kardashian-free.

2009 was a such a transitional year, too. It was the end of a decade, we lost Michael Jackson, and the death of autotune was on the rise. Music still had a little meaning and a little fun, and wasn’t so drug and club influenced just yet. Life was much simpler back then.

@CynthiiaBay: “remember how life was 10 years ago when during the summer we’d all wake up and watch new music videos playing on teennick or mtv? man that sh** was so much fun.”

Just in time for the nostalgic summer weather, hit the flip to check out our list of hit songs that were probably on your Summer playlist in 2009.

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