Global Grind spoke with Jason Ritter, who plays Pat in "Raising Dion," about toxic exes, Dion's disobedience and his own toddler daughter's defiance (he and wife Melanie Lynskey have a three-year-old) as well as his personal super power.

Head inside for information on who'll be joining the popular Netflix series.

A little boy who doesn’t have long to live is getting his wish after his request to see The Avengers in person was made public by a journalist on Twitter. It didn’t take long for word to reach his faves, many of whom were more than happy to grant the boy’s dying wish. How dope […]

If you think the anticipation for Black Panther has reached its peak, think again. The movie is already beloved by audiences and most folks haven’t even seen it yet! The presence of Black excellence alone is enough to get  people in their feelings — so much that #WhatBlackPantherMeansToMe is trending on Twitter. Swipe through to read […]

Your favorite singers like you've never seen them before!

The Sony Hack is the gift that keeps on giving—for those who aren’t affiliated with Sony, that is. Last week, Gawker examined a licensing agreement from 2011 between Sony Pictures and Marvel that revealed heavy stipulations for the characters of Spider-Man and Peter Parker. The list of Spider-Man stipulations, per Vulture: Mandatory Spider-Man Character Traits: Spider-Man (whether Peter Parker or […]

Today is Batman Day. This is not some kind of made up Twitter thing, either. It’s real. And it exists because today is the 75rd anniversary of Detective Comics No. 27, which was the first appearance of Batman. Besides probably Superman, there is no comic book character that is as beloved as Batman. In the span of […]

Rumors have been swirling that funny-man Paul Rudd will venture into the world of comic book superheroes, but today, Marvel made it official. The Anchorman 2 star will play Ant-Man in an undisclosed movie set to hit theaters July 2015. “When director Edgar Wright came to us with the idea of Paul Rudd, we felt […]