Girls may love Beyonce but there’s no doubt the guys love Draya Michele and all her Fine Ass-ness! Today, the reality TV star and entrepreneur paid homage to a very talented tattoo artist out of the Houston, Texas area named Yonio, who used her face for his very first attempt at a color portrait tattoo. […]

So apparently Sasha and Malia have an older brother from Texas…. Twenty-nine-year-old Johnnie Gooden Jr. claims to be First Lady Michelle Obama‘s adoptive son, and was arrested after he arrived at a Chase Bank in Texas asking to gain access to her account. When the bank teller informed Gooden that FOTUS did not have a […]

Texas Congressman Steve Stockman has invited the rodeo clown who mocked President Obama to perform at a rodeo in the 36th district of Texas. This rodeo performer mocked the president by wearing a mask of him during the Missouri State Fair. He then stood where the bulls were while the DJ yelled, “We’re going to […]

A new bill in the Texas State Senate would require women to take a three-hour class on adoption before being allowed to have an abortion. Texas State Sen. Eddie Lucio filed Senate Bill 42, on anti-abortion Democrat, would direct the state’s Health and Human Services Commission to develop a three-hour course “regarding a pregnant woman’s option to […]