<p>Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas for Women. These ideas are all sexy Halloween costumes for women. Many of us are planning on dressing up this year so if you need some ideas and you&rsquo;re a women you&rsquo;ve come to the right place. Dressing up can be alot of fun, whether you&rsquo;re going to a costume party […]

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  I’ve been the DJ for Rush Philanthropic’s ART FOR LIFE Benefit for the past 4 years. The experience has been incredible to say the least.  This year myself along with Rush staffer Isis came up with the idea of putting together a mix CD for the 10th Anniversary. I wanted to create somethingthat was sophisticated and fun, a reflection of the ART FOR LIFE experience. In […]


As I enter the final days before our tenth anniversary of Art For Life, our annual benefit that raises money for The Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation, I think about the power of change.  The power that the arts have to change a child’s life.  I have witnessed it with my own eyes.  I have been […]

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Adriana Lima is just incredibly sexy in these pictures of her in some skimpy outfits for El Pais Semanal, and it’s one of her sexiest photoshoots to date,actually.. that’s a lie because every single photoshoot I’ve ever seen of her is damn sexy, and it’s impossible to compare. Source Link :- http://www.24timepass.com/blogs/adriana-lima-el-pais-magazine-cover-photos.htm

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First of all, im lactose intolerant. A good glass of milk will turn my tummy into a curdling, knotting bubble gutty mess. Threfore I stay away from the ish as much as possible. Meaning whenever there aren’t Cocoa Pebbles nearby. Cuz if so… those Cocoa Pebbles are getting f*gged the f*gg up. I f*ggs with […]


Show up today at the governor’s office at 1 p.m. I’LL BE THERE TOO!   THIS IS THE WEEK I’m interested in being entertained by gossip or funny tv or music or…. but if I could just get people excited about this transitional period or to watch their politicians on this one issue for a […]