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As a young adult maneuvering my way through this life of self discovery, growth, change and trying to learn how to make the universe work in my favor, I often get caught up in the age old saying, “I wish I knew then, what I know now”. A statement so much more than a cliché’, we often say when we’ve realized we make a mistake.  It’s so easy to ponder all the different things we would have done differently instead of making the choice, right now, to walk into the life we want. We get so caught up by fear in our path to greatness.

This whole concept of fear is something I’m just getting a hold of, because for the longest time I didn’t know how to identify what I was fearful of. “Fear? I’m not scared of anyone! What does that mean…?”  I couldn’t accept that the same feeling I had in my gut, that made me turn away from something I wanted was the same fear I heard my elders speak of. I was in The Matrix! It had to be someone– physically, for me to be afraid of, surely it wasn’t just some emotion that had this kind of control over me! I couldn’t see that fear had been present in every area of life that I felt held back in.

I came across a video on youtube called “Wills Wisdom” posted by The Mind Guru. And man if I didn’t feel like the universe dropped a load on me! There in a 9 minute video was the key I had been searching for, and I got SCHOOLED. Wisdom, Passion, Focus, Go For IT, DIE FOR IT! What is your passion? What do you want out of life and how will that make someone else’s life better? We become what we allow into our minds and hearts, what have you been filling your mind with? We can all have our dreams fulfilled! My new mission: Shoot for the moon and if you fall, lasso it with a rope and spring back!

 That being said, I think its insanely important for us young adults to learn to silence out all the noises of life, to be able to hear our own thoughts, desires and our creators (whomever yours may be) voice. It’s also important to learn as much as possible from others, especially those whom are of a different lifestyle than our own. Those who came before us went through the same things we did, history just repeats itself until we break the cycle. Thank You to the entire Smith Family for feeding us chicken noodle soup. So the next time we have an “I wish I knew then what I know now” moment, we can ice grill our fear and TKO!