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Opportunities keep hitting Tiffany Haddish left and right as she continues her comedic takeover, and nothing says opportunity like a visit from Oprah. Haddish stopped by Ellen recently, and leading up to O’s surprise visit, Tiffany explained how she always used to write letters to the media mogul. “I would write her right, and I […]

Since 2012, NBA star Kyrie Irving has been exploring his comedic side thanks to his alter ego Uncle Drew. The old man character appears in a popular video series Kyrie does with Pepsi. Now, he’s finally bringing his comedy to the big screen. Uncle Drew will explore New York City’s street ball scene where he […]

“To the guy who put his hand on my chest when I was trying to bum-rush the stage, you did a good job.”

Bey took a selfie with her to stop her from whooping someone’s ass.

On Monday, movie lovers fired off their annual debates when the Oscar nominations were announced. While many people were happy that folks like Mary J. Blige and Jordan Peele were getting their shine, others couldn’t help but notice the glaring absences from certain categories. Swipe through to find out who was cut out the Oscar […]

You better believe when the cameras are on, Tiffany Haddish is making every joke count. One clip was so funny, it’s now landed her a deal with Groupon. Back in July of 2017, Tiffany appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and detailed a hilarious outing with Will and Jada Pinkett Smith. They took a Louisiana swamp tour […]

Tiffany Haddish and Cynthia Bailey hit 'Watch What Happens Live' and provide some insight into the kind of men they would and would not date.

This past Saturday, Tiffany Haddish became the first Black female stand-up comedian in 43 seasons to host Saturday Night Live, according to Deadline. In her appearance, Tiffany dressed up as a black unicorn who could see the future, she played an Instagram butt model, and she tackled the sexual misconduct claims against Hollywood figures. Taylor […]