Tom Arnold


  Kelly Rowland called in to speak with DJ Whoo Kid and the crew at Shade 45 on Saturday (Nov.7). Miss Rowland addressed her love life and the rumors about whether she and 50 Cent are actually dating, amongst other things. Does she have any big falls planned with Destiny’s Child in the near future? What […]

Hey Global Grind!!  So sorry I have been away for a minute but have been on the road non-stop promoting the album.  All of the support from my fans has been incredible..I’m so blessed to be doing the job I love. Traveling so much has also given me the time to think about a whole […]

Christina Applegate is a recent cancer survivor and my favorite cast member of Married With Children.I heard she had to loose her breast because of the cancer which is terrible but guess what? Christina still smokes cigarettes.She’s a total jackass won’t you agree?<p>Chris Brown is stressed.All jokes aside I wish him the very best. Isn’t […]

In light of the recent excitement surrounding Miss Jones’ blog, I want to express my thoughts on this situation. Global Grind was created to fill a void in the hip-hop space, where artists, fans and foes could speak their mind openly and freely. As a yogi, you all know that I feel that most people […]

Oh boy! Here she goes again! Beyonce and her dad stood by and watched as Kelly Rowland lost her Miami condo, failed with both her albums and now gets dropped from Columbia Records. How fucked up is that? I understand that Matthew would be pissed that his own daughter(Kelly) would fire him as a manager, […]

Kelly Rowland was spotted on the beach recently in a bikini. She has to have the best body in the industry..