Take a look at a gallery of our favorite celebrities who celebrate birthdays during the Aquarius horoscope inside.

Meet 62-year-old artist Richard Hutchins, who went from spending his nights sleeping on Skid Row to having his artwork displayed in art galleries in Beverly Hills. We discussed how he met Charlie Rocket, his colored past, helping to clean up Los Angeles largest homeless community and some of his greatest inspirations.

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  Times change and so do people — but some folks go through an entire  metamorphosis that causes them to look like new people. Before his recent rise to fame, 21-year-old rapper 6ix9ine Tekashi was just a regular, degular kid from Brooklyn who loved hip hop.   Now, he’s a popular young rapper who found […]

Naturally, everyone changes and evolves over time — but when you’re as big a star as any member of the Kardashian klan, you can afford to transform into a completely different person if you want to. Kim, Kourtney, Khloé, Kendall, Kylie, Kris and Rob recently celebrated the 10 year anniversary of Keeping Up With The […]

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