Food Network orders its first-ever vegan cooking competition show "It's CompliPlated" with Tabitha Brown. Read more details inside.

When you talk about icons of the 90’s and 2000’s, Mya‘s name often goes unmentioned — but real ones know the work she’s put into the game. As far as being ahead of her time, the singer even went Vegan before it was the cool thing to do:   Most of us still vibe out […]

Sure, it’s hip and cool to be Vegan these days, but not everyone is about that Vegan life. Especially people of color. Most of us don’t want anything different from what tradition tells us is the food of our culture. However, four young men from the DMV and Ohio are making major moves to make […]

There’s a reason Cardi cut out meat during her pregnancy.

Happy Men’s Health Month! Did you know that these Male stars were vegetable loving vegans? Check it out below.

Google is taking inclusion seriously—so seriously, in fact, the tech company has removed the egg from their salad emoji to make vegans feel more welcome. Anyone else giggling just a little? As you can imagine, vegans feel right at home while the rest of the internet thinks vegans, and Google for that matter, are extra […]

Source: Rpsycho / Getty Screaming “Save The Whales!” sounds like something the earth loving character in a cliche 2000s movie would say – but in this case, it’s totally called for.   A young sperm Whale was recently found dead, washed up on a beach in Spain and scientists were shocked to find about 64 […]

PETA is getting in on the action after Drake made headlines for switching up his diet and going vegetarian. The animal rights group is not only requesting that OVO’s frontman take things a step further by dissolving his relationship with Canada Goose, they sent him a gift basket full of “Passionfruit” and other vegan treats. Things […]

Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be a dark time for the non-meat and non-dairy eaters out there. The possibilities are endless to have your meal be just as turnt as the next one. Rapper Grey shows that vegans know how to live it up, even for Thanksgiving. Check out the “Vegan Thanksgiving” music video below and you […]

Vegans are out here living life, eating healthy, and searching for the latest quinoa recipe.  There’s a lot of misconceptions on what it means to be vegan, but we’re here to tell you, it doesn’t mean you have to completely rid yourself of a unique lifestyle. For #WorldVeganDay, swipe through our list of ten sexy […]