Sometimes you just have a song in your heart that you need to let go of, no matter where you are. 32-year-old Christina Kokonis-Viggers had no shame in her game when she decided to share the song in her heart with all of Sam’s Club in Hudson Valley, New York. After wooing the store with […]

19-year old Julien Turner got more than he bargained for when turning in his extra credit assignment. The Morehouse student has gone viral with a rap video he made for extra credit in his biology class, called “XY Cell Life” — a spoof of Lil Uzi‘s song “XO TourLlif3.”     If Turner doesn’t get […]

  Illinois math teacher, Cassie Crim, is now a viral sensation after using her rapping skills to help her students learn math. Crim’s tactic to motivating her kids is remixing popular rap songs and rewording them to fit all things algebra and geometry.  She told ABC News, “I really just try to connect what I […]

If you’re heading into work this Monday, you might need more than coffee to get you hype for the day. Some moves from Famous Amos could help you out. Watch him break it down one time for the commuters in the video below.

A visit to Wingstop became a photo op with Rick Ross for one woman. Keyona Peters ran into the rapper at the fast food restaurant and shared her picture on Twitter. Due to the…interest Rozay shows in the photo, social media had a ball captioning the pic. Swipe through to see the funniest reactions.

Just when you thought Youtube makeup tutorials couldn’t get anymore helpful, this viral star is giving the ends and outs on makeup tips to help you snag a man. And remember: Check out the hilarious video below:  

If you have wheels to cruise on this weekend, it’s nothing like having a tank full of gas and an infinite possibility of destinations. You have to keep your car looking right for that Saturday drive — or else, elderly women like the one below might one up you. Check it out:

Instead of visiting a senior citizens home to perform the same old, traditional records that they probably hear every week — one brave guy decided to switch up entertainment night by performing Khia‘s “My Neck, My Back” for the unsuspecting crowd.     The funny thing is, the senior citizens don’t seem to mind Khia’s […]

First-time father Antwon Lee probably had no idea that taking his two month old son to the doctor to get his first shots would result in the moment going viral. The 29-year-old new dad was captured on video hilariously giving his baby boy a pep talk and cutely consoling him before he got his shots. […]

It’s the first of the month, which means rent is due, bills have to be paid and that Bone Thugs-N-Harmony song will be played on a loop all day long. If you’re like us, then sometimes life can cause to just have a mini meltdown. Nothing too serious — just enough to cry about every […]