viral Who the hell thinks of this sh*t? The internet is a magical world of hate and love, comedy and tragedy, and good and evil. Luckily, we’re only reporting the good today. So, there’s this stuffed alien that loves Drake and Future’s new What A Time To Be Alive mixtape more than any #FutureHive member, […]

For the past 20 minutes I sat at my desk, going through thousands of pictures and trying to find the image of this burger I had while I was in Austin, Texas. It was a delicious creator that became much more than your ordinary when an evil culinary genius decided to serve an all beef patty between […]

Nicki Minaj’s controversial wax statue was violated in Las Vegas this week, when a young man put the sexually posed “Wax Nicki” in a compromising position for the ‘Gram. The “Anaconda”-themed image quickly went viral. In fact, lots of people have been having their way with the fake Miss Minaj all over the internet. Nicki […]

A courtroom sketch of Tom Brady went viral yesterday, and people were thinking he looked a little deflated, like a zombie.


In mid-June when Rachel Dolezal was asked on camera, “Are you African-American?” she was left speechless, hesitant and caught off guard. After claiming to misunderstand…

Teens all around the world are posting videos of themselves transforming from “ugly” to “beautiful” for a new viral trend called the “Don’t Judge Challenge.” The videos are all over Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, showing teens with over-drawn unibrows, drawn-on acne, and glasses…then, with a flick of the wrist, they turn “attractive.” The thing is, […]

The internet makes the unlikeliest of people stars. Meet Welven Da Great: he has over a million followers on Instagram and gets paid to show up at parties, drink liquor, and hob-knob with the masses. Welven first became famous for asking “Who ain’t got no bitches?” and “Got em!” I sat down with Welven to ask him about his life, […]

Did Jason Derulo really fall on his neck while walking down the stairs at the 2015 Met Gala? Last night, Twitter erupted with an image of a young Black man in a white suit doing a full-on somersault down the prestigious Met Ball stairs. Apparently, folks thought the dude was pop singer Jason Derulo, but the […]


Kyesha Smith Wood, a mother of three, broke the internet this week when she issued an apology on behalf of her daughters’ rude behavior towards another mother at a movie theater in Alabama. Wood dropped her son, daughter, and step-daughter off at the movies and afterwards, was informed by her son that the two 13-year-old girls were […]

Just when April Simpson thought she was done with her viral fame, her colleagues put her face to face with her faux doppelgänger –The Hamburglar. If you’ve been living off the grid, then you might have missed the viral video of the St. Louis reporter giving fellow anchor Tim Ezell an epic side-eye for comparing her black […]

Fed up with all the negative stereotypes about African-Americans, YouTube personality Frenchesca Ramsey joined forces with Tumblr friend T’Von to promote #BlackOutDay — a hashtag created to celebrate Black beauty and existence, according to ABC News. The hashtag, which encourages users to share images of themselves, is now trending on Twitter. Reports ABC News: “We’re asking black […]