viral The internet was popping this week. It seems like every day there was something that left us shocked, dumbfounded, or confused. Last night, a dress made us question our intelligence, llamas escaped and took us on a wild ride, 56-year-old Madonna busted her ass, and Kanye West actually apologized. It just seems like Twitter was on one […]

If you’re on Facebook, you might be familiar with the event “Photo Doggies For Anthony.” If you’re not, let us fill you in… Anthony Lyons is a 16-year-old from the Phoenix, Arizona area who is currently undergoing chemotherapy for acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Some days, he gets dog visits at the hospital to lift his spirits, but […]

2014 was the year of the meme. When something happened, whether funny, serious or somewhere in between, internet users turned it into a meme faster than you can say, “…but that’s none of my business.” We discovered Bobby Shmurda from a Vine video after people wondered where his hat went. We clowned Lifetime’s Aaliyah biopic with movies of […]

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies continues to kick ass at the box office, pulling in $41,420,000 this weekend to capture the number one spot. A lot of money was spent at the box office this holiday weekend, with Unbroken and Into The Woods both pulling in over $31 million. Check out the […]

Yaaaaas, Brendan, yaaaaassss. If you have yet to see Brendan Jordan, aka the latest internet sensation, otherwise known as that boy who danced behind a news crew in Las Vegas and absolutely slayed, you must be living under a rock. If you aren’t already, it’s time to get familiar. Ever since the 15-year-old stole the show, he’s […]

This football season, CoverGirl signed on as the official beauty sponsor of the NFL, launching their #GetYourGameFaceOn campaign. They had no idea one of their images, which shows various models sporting looks and colors inspired by football teams, would be used to express outrage against the Baltimore Ravens and league commissioner Roger Goodell. In the […]

Soulja Boy hit the scene in 2007 with his hit dance single “Crank Dat,” and hasn’t slowed down since. Although he hasn’t spit bars in a while, Soulja Boy is the mastermind behind some of the hottest beats we’ve heard over the years. From Drake‘s triumphant hit “We Made It,” to Nicki Minaj‘s club banger […]

By now, most of the internet has watched the Vine of a girl getting clobbered over the head with a shovel and the many memes and parodies that have followed. Like this one. And yes, it’s OK to laugh, if this type of thing is funny to you. Because according to Deadspin, shovel girl victim is […]

Pharrell was one of the big winners at last night’s Grammy Awards, but he seemed to be overshadowed by his hat! The “Get Lucky” singer took home many awards Sunday night, including Producer Of The Year, but his Vivienne Westwood headpiece was clearly the one winning. Pharrell’s hat sent social media into a frenzy; the […]