Brandon Woodard’s Midtown Execution Turns Into Million Dollar Narcotics Case! (PHOTOS)

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    Law enforcement officials are now saying that the mysterious daytime assassination of Brandon Woodard in New York City was the result of a drug deal gone wrong.

    PHOTOS: 411 On Brandon Lincoln Woodard, Midtown NYC Shooting Victim 

    With speculation that the shooting revolved around some type of drug-related issue, officials have pinpointed the actual events surrounding the “hit” style execution.

    The killers were part of a Queens drug crew that paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for a large cocaine shipment from Mexico via a Los Angeles gang. When the product failed to arrive from the West Coast, the Queens-based gang lured Woodard, who was reportedly acting as a middleman or courier, into midtown Manhattan, where he was shot and killed in broad daylight by a still-at-large gunman.

    According to “On The Inside,” a source told the publication that the Los Angeles guys thought that they could “f—” with the boys from New York:

    “They screwed with the wrong people,” the source said.

    Apparently Woodard’s death has grown from a homicide to a major narcotics case reportedly involving millions of dollars. The DEA and NYPD are pooling intelligence and resources about the possible connections. Reports say that the NYPD are close to identifying a shooter in the murder case.

    PHOTOS: WTF! Man Shot In Midtown Manhattan In Broad Daylight! 

    Wow! This case turned from random shooting to an entire narcotics case. More power to law enforcement for connecting the dots.

    SOURCE: Gawker

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