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Bonjour!  I want to introduce myself to the Global Grind community, as I’ve had a GG celebrity page since the beginning…however since I’ve been travelling around the world recently, I’ve not found the time to write.  Now, that I’ve got a few days in New York, I wanted to write a quick blog to say hello.  I’ve been in this business for some time and I’ll talk about the ins-and-outs of modeling and my latest struggles to be an actress, but those will come soon enough.

As the first black girl signed to L’oreal, doing Sports Illustrated and Victoria’s Secret for a long time, I have many stories to tell, however in my introduction I think it’s important to let you all know about me personally.  Modeling is not who I am, but what I do.

I come from very humble beginnings in a French ghetto, with my mother being of African descent…I am African and I know the struggle of Africans…hopefully at some point I can write about my experiences of growing up in France as black girl, which was always difficult.  I’m not and have never been married…I do have a son… I have a wonderful baby’s father and have a great relationship with him, however I’ve been single for some time now.    I recently found someone and we’re happy and having fun!

Lately, I’ve been focusing on my acting, as this is a big passion of mine.  I’ve done some acting… I was the violent girl with the bald head in Rush Hour 3, that was me.  We all have violent sides to show off!! 🙂

I’m late for acting class now, gotta go!

Have a beautiful and bless day