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TIME Magazine will be releasing a cover with a giant red “X” over the face of Osama bin Laden. The new issue, the third Time has published in a week, had editors pulling all nighters to push its newsstand date to Thursday and is increasing its print run for the 68 page issue.

The al Queda leader is the 4th person in TIME’s history to receive the “X” treatment. 

Check out the other three TIME magazine cover boys that got the X Treatment after the jump.


Adolf Hitler – Leader of the Nazi Party, responsible for the genocide of approximately 17 million people throughout Europe.


Abu Musab al-Zarqawi – Leader of Al Queda in Iraq, orchestrated numerous suicide bombings and acts of violence in Iraq and against American soldiers.


Saddam Hussein – Responsible for the genocide of the Kurdish people as well as numerous acts of violence against U.S. soldiers and Iraqis, as well as being an all out war monger who held office for a collective of 21 years as the 57th and 61st Prime Minister of Iraq.