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If you’re one of the faint of heart, then you’re probably not listening to the raw and rebellious lyrics of Tyler, the Creator or his Odd Future homies. 

“Kill people, burn sh*t, f*ck school” are the most radical lyrics anyone has heard since the days of Public Enemy and the emergence of N.W.A. 

Needing a quick disclaimer before beginning the album, Tyler, the Creator’s Goblin represents a rebellious sub-culture brewing in America’s belly. Tyler, who wants his fans to do whatever the f*ck they want, without really doing whatever the f*ck they want, is the leader of a culture enthralled with going against the broadness of normalcy. 

Some critics classify Odd Future as being self-indulgent social misfits who are anti-establishment, anti-religion, anti-tradition, which seems to capture the same characteristics of a small group of their mainly white suburban fan base. 

VIDEO: Pusha T & Tyler The Creator Destroy Shit & Egg People In “Trouble On My Mind”

Their rap lyrics boast brilliant delivery, but their often vulgar, always cringe-worthy themes seem to be creating a sub-culture of recklessness and rebellion without a real cause. 

Music and violent rebellion coinciding isn’t a new phenomenon in music, but it’s the re-emergence of its form and delivery that has created a pocket of “radical meaningless thinking” kids with nothing else to do but be destructive. 

In a sea of skateboarding hipster kids who just want to skate all day, Tyler, the Creator embodies perhaps everything they stand for; a lover of music and a controversial provocateur who wants his voice heard in this seemingly endless world.

The sub-culture surrounding Tyler seems to be organized and chaotic simultaneously and he seems to have his fans in check with what’s reality and what’s entertainment.

So we say, keep doing your thing Tyler, keep doing your thing. 

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Tyler, the Creator is known for his somewhat childish antics, mischievious past times and dope rap lyrics. 


Tyler, the Creator on the set of his Interview magazine photo shoot. 


Tyler, the Creator currently reigns as a rebellion leader. 


Tyler destroys a car during a photo shoot with Interview Magazine.