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Al-Saadi Gaddafi, son of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, says he is willing to surrender to the rebels.

Al-Saadi told Al Arabiya TV that his father is ready to hand power over to the rebels and calls for a truce to end bloodshed in Libya.

As Reported By Time:

The commander, Abdel Hakim Belhaj, said al-Saadi first called him Tuesday and asked whether his safety could be guaranteed. “We told him ‘Don’t fear for your life. We will guarantee your rights as a human being, and will deal with you humanely,’ said Belhaj, confirming a report on Al-Jazeera television. Belhaj added that al-Saadi would be turned over to legal authorities after his surrender. 

The rebels have been pressing toward Gaddafi’s last major stronghold, his hometown of Sirte, and loyalists now only control a handful of areas, including Bani Walid to the west.

Gaddafi’s wife and three of his children fled to Algeria earlier this week, while the longtime dictator and several of his sons are still at large.