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This is anti-cheating, the death of being promiscuous! We are now witnessing the death of cheating. This is America, people should be able to cheat without getting exposed on sites like The and 

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Earlier today, it came out that Ashton Kutcher might have slept with another woman, and that just pissed me off. Ashton Kutcher should be able to cheat and get away with it, but in today’s era of instant fame for sleeping around, that is not the case. 

Now you can ruin a marriage and get rich in the process, and it’s totally taking away one of the best perks of being famous. 

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I’ll admit, these days I’m wary about who I choose to lay with, because there are some women who will wait till you fall asleep and film you sleeping. All so they can prove to the world two the of you played knick knack patty whack in the bedroom. 

Cheating is dead, because it only takes one lost phone to have pictures and text conversations plastered all over the internet. Think about the world reading the things you’ve typed while drunk and looking for a booty call. Scary, right? I know.

Where are the morals of the women who are willing to spread their legs and sleep with a married man? Breaking a vow made in the name of the Lord is one thing, but to tell the world about it, where is the decency? 

There is a code. If you’re a creep, be a creep because telling doesn’t change anything, all it does is kill the joy of cheating. 

Cheating should be a fun experience, and a secret that should appear as ‘other’ on your checklist of life. 

So cheating is dead and now for once, maybe us men will start to realize that it’s a lot smarter and cheaper to keep the lizard in its cage while out on the road, because it’s too easy to get caught. 

R.I.P. cheating. 

~ Blog Xilla

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