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The death of Steve Jobs has been a huge emotional loss for the world of technology, and this is not the time where we should be making jokes. He impacted everyone on the planet that used any kind of computer, mobile phone or mp3 player, whether it was an Apple product or not.

STORY: Steve Jobs Has Died

While surfing the internet, I’ve come across some things about the death of Steve Jobs that I wish I hadn’t. I’ve seen people on Twitter, Facebook, and even some news sources that have come up with what they believe to be clever jokes about Steve now that he is gone. I can honestly say that there may be no worse way to dance on Steve’s grave than to make a joke about him after he has passed.

I’ve seen countless people making the joke that Steve Jobs has released a new product called “iDead” and I am disgusted. I’ve seen captions to his photos that say, “The new 4s will do everything but cure cancer.” I’ve even seen a picture of Bill Gates smiling with “Steve Jobs 1955-2011” written on it. How much lower of a level can people stoop to? Who made it okay to insult a dead person?

Without him, Microsoft might not be what it is today, because they wouldn’t have Apple to compete with. Our environment might not be as advanced as it is without the impact of Steve Jobs’ brilliant mind.

I bet that the ones who are mocking his death have bought at least one Apple product in their life.

Although Steve was only one person he impacted MILLIONS of people and did die from a horrific illness. His loss should not be taken so lightly or be made into a joke. Steve Jobs may not have been the perfect man with perfect decisions, but he did do everything he could to make our lives better.

I can only hope that soon enough the sick jokesters will realize just what kind of important person they have lost. Whether they are familiar with Apple closely or not, Steve’s creations have inspired other types of creations from major companies which people use on a daily basis. Without Steve Jobs, the world will have to get ready to make a huge adjustment, and it won’t be too comfortable.

Lindsey India