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By Datwon (Shout to for the song)

B.o.B is having the best week ever. No, really he is. Just check the iTunes store right now and you’ll see that ya man Bobby Ray has two of his debut album’s singles holding steady at the #1 (‘Nothing On You’) and #2 (‘Airplanes’) slots. Quite a feat for the young man that once declared he was quitting the music game before his career really got started. I’m happy to say that he went against his own thoughts of stopping the music and let his natural talent takeover the game with his own southern swang. A dash of Andre 3000 doesn’t hurt though. He may hate to hear the comparison, but B.o.B does hit certain notes that are A. Benjamin like. All good, that half of the Outkast duo seems to be on a forever-evercation, so B.o.B’s vocals will fill that void.

We know that the newcomer has ties to T.I. and now that the ‘Kang’ is home, we’ll see even more of B.o.B on TVs and mags and the like. I’m just hoping that the kid is ready for the super stardom that is about to land square on his light frame. T.I. knows a thing or two about dealing with industry pressure and pleasing the people so he’s in good hands.

I had the pleasure of putting B.o.B on the cover of the first Freshman 10 XXL Magazine issue in 2008. At the photoshoot he was quiet and steady and spoke his mind in the roundtable portion with his fellow MCs. He was the least known artist that made the front of the 3 paged cover. I took a lot of ribbing for some of those choices, B.o.B being one of them. Yet, I knew he would blow up in a major way. His talent was clear and sound was dope for what he brought to the table.


Check out his early LRG mixtapes and listen to the detail put into the skits and background vocals on the tracks. The kid is a throwback to earlier times…or just something totally new that we haven’t heard before. Either way, he’s holding court with Eminem and just Em’s nod to appear on the track with the newbie is props enough.

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