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Do you remember the first time you saw Friday?

The year was 1995 and many of us snuck into the theater to watch Craig and Smokey battle Big Perm and Deebo, while ogling Ms. Jackson.

Well now, actor Tiny “Deebo” Lister has spilled the beans that Ice Cube and Chris Tucker are in talks to do one more Friday film!

DETAILS: Chris Tucker And Ice Cubes In Talks For One More Friday Movie

Back when it all began, we were captured by laughter and suspense as the two homies smoked up a dope dealer’s weed and had to figure out a way to get the $200 they owed the scary dealer by 10:00pm that night. 

At the time, we only knew Chris Tucker as that skinny funny guy we saw on Russell Simmons’ Def Comedy Jam. We had no idea he would turn into a mega superstar with films like Money Talks, The Fifth Element and all the Rush Hour movies under his belt.

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As Chris blew up off of Smokey fame, Ice Cube tapped a new funny man in Mike Epps to play Cousin Day Day when Craig moved to his Uncle Elroy’s house. Mike Epps blew up into one of the funniest comedians in hip-pop.

When Friday After Next rolled around it helped launch the careers of two huge stars in Katt Williams, aka Money Mike and Terry Crews, who played Damon, a muscle bound goon whose prison bid gave him a liking towards men. 

Those were a lot of recognizable names, but when you add in others like Nia Long, Regina King and Faizon Love, the Friday series had tons and tons of great comedic actors involved. 

So we thought, who would be some other great new voices we’d love to see lend their comedic talents to the next Friday movie? 

Take a look at who we came up with!

Jo Koy: This funny guy is Filipino and white and he’s absolutely hilarious. His frequent appearances on Chelsea Lately have given him a lot of recognition, but it would be perfect to see his nerdy brand of comedy in a new Friday flick.

Lil Duval: He’s been around for years, and now would be the perfect time for Lil to get a chance to flex his comedic muscles in the next Friday. This clip of him doing Drake only gives a glimpse of just how funny he truly is:

Jack Vale: This YouTube celebrity is about ready to make the jump to the big time. Jack does these hilarious bits where he talks nonsense to random people. With today’s love for unscripted comedy, he might be perfect.

Spoken Reasons: Another YouTube star waiting for his big break, his homemade video clips have great production quality and to top it off, they are filled with amusing antics that totally fit a movie about getting high. Check it out!

JB Smoove: JB has been featured on HBO and he also is the host of Russell Simmons’ Bring The Ruckus, but couldn’t you see him as one of the zany characters in the Friday series? Money Mike’s cousin or Pinky’s brother. What do you think?