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Since the appointment of Riccardo Tisci as creative director of Givenchy, the brand’s line of t-shirts have been appealing to the streetwear, hip-hop and fashion crowds alike.

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Kanye West is one celebrity who has heavily endorsed the brand in the last few months. This is no surprise since Tisci did the album artwork for the Watch The Throne cover, which bore a very close similarity to graphics associated with a few of the Givenchy’s other designs. 

Additionally, Kanye and Jay-Z had custom t-shirts made by Givenchy for the Watch The Throne tour; and the Rottweiler shirt from their Fall collection sold out in stores across the globe.

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Givenchy must have taken into account the popularity of their t-shirts, because their Spring/Summer 2012 collection has a much wider selection this time around. The Rottweiler tee is back, but it only has a graphic around the neck; and there are also a few t-shirts that have images of naked women or plant life on them.

The shirts are available now and will range in price from from $400 to about $600.

You can take a look at the full collection of Spring/Summer 2012 Givenchy t-shirts in the gallery above.