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It’s that time of year again and GlobalGrind is bringing you more end of the year. 

LIST: GlobalGrind’s Top 10 Hip-Pop Albums Of The Year! 

From super hot to super not, GlobalGrind is bringing you the best songs of 2011. After much debate and lots of confusion, GlobalGrind rounded up your favorite hip-pop artists for the much coveted “Song Of The Year” title. 

Although this year is 2011, it’s been the year of 21, Adele’s 21 that is. Adele took GlobalGrind’s coveted “Album Of The Year” title, and now her smash hit “Rolling In The Deep” is rolling it at number one for “Song Of The Year.” 

Despite the song being ridiculously catchy, “Rolling In The Deep” has been remixed, chopped, slopped and screwed a 1000 times over, and somehow we still love it. 

LIST: GlobalGrind’s Top 10 Hip-Pop Mixtapes Of The Year!

Our list gets even hotter, when rap newcomer Meek Mill’s “Ima Boss” comes in at a close second. The Philly repping rapper has definitely made a name for himself as hip-hop’s next big star. 

“Ima Boss” is easily the “Rap Song Of The Year.” Not only was it on every hip-pop radio station, but it was a banger in every club, which makes it an easy runner-up to Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep.”

Check out GlobalGrind’s complete “Song Of The Year” list in the gallery above!

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