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14-year-old Hunter Mack shot himself in the face in a New Hampshire elementary school cafeteria Friday afternoon.

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Hunter was hospitalized after shooting himself around 11 a.m. at Walpole Elementary School in southwestern New Hampshire. Police locked down the school for several hours, but no one else was injured.

According to the Associated Press, Peter Heed, the Cheshire County Attorney Hunter may have been upset about a “relationship issue” with a girl.

“It clearly involved a relationship issue; I think that is fair to say,” Heed said. 

As of Friday afternoon, the student was in serious condition in the intensive care unit. At a Friday afternoon press conference Heed said-

“Our hearts go out to the family of this young man and our thoughts go out to all of the students that were in the school at this time,”

He did not say what kind of gun the student used or where he might have obtained it.

A cousin of Hunter’s father, Cindy Mack said-

“We’re all just waiting to hear about our little boy, he’s a wonderful little boy. He’s an avid hunter – like his name. He is very smart. He won prizes at school. He shot his first deer last year. He’s a great, great kid.”

The state of New Hampshire is in shock Gov. John Lynch said in a statement

“The state of New Hampshire is offering whatever assistance it can to the community, along with all of our thoughts and prayers,”.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Mack family at this time and we hope that young Hunter puuls through.