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The month of March marks a season of cultural festivities. With South by Southwest right around the corner, the predated Miami International Film Festival is bound to introduce a bulk of great films to come.

The Miami International Film Festival is annually produced and presented by Miami Dade College. The celebration aims to bridge cultural understanding and encourages artistic development and expansion by showing or premiering some of the most excellent films from around the world. 

From dramas to comedies to premieres to red carpets, the 10-day itinerary timetables a cinema slam that includes screenings by Alejandro Brugués, Mauricio Vicent Mulet, Lawrence Kasdan, Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, and Sean Ackerman – just to name a few directors who are helping to create an audience buzz and media havoc. 

Additionally, some actors who are doing just the same are Ethan Hawk, Kathleen Turner and John Leguizamo.

The festival offers more than just films, too. It’s an experience! Back dropped by the sexy tropical nightlife of Miami Beach, when you’re not at a screening, the festival allows for some tourism and exploration. You can walk on over to South Beach or Coral Gabels for some dining out or shopping. 

If you’re in or will be in the Miami area come next week, make sure to stop by the film fest.

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