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Leave it up to Glenn Beck to tarnish the name of Trayvon Martin. The Blaze, a right-wing site started by the one-time Fox News host has a post written up insinuating that Trayvon may have been a dangerous criminal.

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On Feb. 26th, Trayvon was walking back to his father’s house after a trip to a local 7-Eleven in Sanford, Fla. George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch member, called 911 and told the dispatchers that the teen “looked suspicious.”

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Despite being told by the dispatchers not to engage the teen, Zimmerman left his car and approached Trayvon.

Neighbors called into 911 to report a scuffle, some cries for help, and gunshots. When police arrived, Zimmerman admitted to shooting Martin, who was unarmed, but claimed that he acted in self-defense.

Zimmerman has not been arrested or charged, and the incident has attracted nationwide attention.

The editorial written by Mytheos Holt criticizes MSNBC host Al Sharpton “for being too willing to exploit racial controversy” and for dismissing Zimmerman’s claim of self-defense. Holt went on to paint Trayvon as some sort of troublemaker.

In the post Holt writes:

“This is pure B.S I want to see the kids police record even if something is expunged also why was he removed from facebook it says account terminated.

Why because his parents are trying to cover his tracks just like if you hit a bus they see Dollar signs. People have dragged data about Zimmerman out where is the kids past. Don’t say he was a good boy prove it.

Ask yourself what is more likely to happen any 17 year old kid when you ask a question. A smartass reply I have never and I mean never seen a teenager run unless he did something wrong.

I guess no criminal has ever cased a place when they went to a store. It takes me aback the way all these facts are quoted by people who read one story on a issue.”

Trayvon’s case has become a major national news story, everyone from CNN to MSNBC has been following it, although Fox News has dedicated little airtime – airing only one segment on the case. 

Al Sharpton is scheduled to be at a national rally for Trayvon Martin tomorrow in Sanford, FL.

Granted we shouldn’t give this dude any attention, but at the same time we can’t allow him to tarnish the name of a slain young man.