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Ain’t no love for Courtney! 

DETAILS: Courtney Love Apologizes To Daughter…VIA Twitter

New broke today that Courtney Love lost the publicity rights to her legendary deceased husband Kurt Cobain‘s assets and image. After the Nirvana frontman committed suicide in 1994, Courtney became the executor of Kurt Cobain’s estate. 

According to The Fix, who obtained now sealed legal documents of Kurt Cobain’s estate, Courtney’s 19-year-old daughter Frances Bean will be taking over her father’s publicity rights. 

DETAILS: No Love From Frances Bean! She Wants Courtney Love Banned From Twitter

The Fix Reports:

The documents show that Love agreed to step down as Acting Manager of End of Music LLC—the business entity responsible for generating cash from Cobain’s publicity rights—once she’d received a $2.75 million loan from Frances’ trust fund in 2010.

The massive loan was transferred from Frances’ fund to EOM in Los Angeles, and then into an account held by Courtney’s then-lawyers, Pryor Cashman, in New York.

Until Courtney pays it back, she won’t receive a dime from Kurt’s name, likeness or appearance from the deals formed by Frances and her advisers since December 2010.

Kurt Cobain’s estate is estimated to be worth a pretty hefty fortune, and it’s now all in the hands of Frances Bean.

It’s unfortunate that Courtney lost her rights, but it may be better for Frances to be in charge of her father’s publicity and image.


Photo Credit: Cordon Press