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Russell Simmons always finds a way to stay relevant in the hip-hop, music and fashion communities. His latest venture into fashion isn’t new at all, but it does have an amazing update.

The Argyleculture collection is Russell’s venture into a more mature line of menswear clothing and although it’s been out for quite some time now, the latest collection is really the one set to turn heads. The new admiration for the brand may be because Russell Simmons has partnered with HMX Group and award‐winning American menswear fashion designer and author, Joseph Abboud, who happens to be the HMX Group Chief Creative Officer.

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GlobalGrind got a chance to visit the HMX offices and take a look at the upcoming revamped Fall 2012 collection. If you are familiar with what the collection used to look like, you will undoubtedly agree that the Russell Simmons/Joseph Abboud collaboration has worked wonders for the brand.

Gone are the days of the pastel heavy Argyleculture, instead we are seeing a lot of great greys, red, purples, greens and other accent colors that will fit into any fall wardrobe. The rich materials and patterns make for a finished product that can be comparable and even outshine any other menswear collection in the same market.

When asked about the collaboration, Joseph Abboud said:

“The collaboration with Russell and me was really special. Russell had a point of view…Argyleculture is for everybody, it’s inclusionary. And when he said that, that really turned me on. Because we wanted to take kind of a preppy collection on steroids and really blow it out, using classic men’s elements like argyle, fair-isle and stripes but doing it in a new way. And Russell was very supportive, he believed in it and wanted to do it. It’s been a great partnership; he’s an amazing talent.”

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Russell Simmons was also on hand to comment about the collection:

“Joseph Abboud’s creative standpoint is fantastic and his experience and ability to translate my vision is much greater than any other designer I have ever worked with,” says Simmons. “Argyleculture’s style has evolved each season with the intent of staying classic, yet playing with elements that provide slightly more edge. His input and knowledge of menswear will continue to grow the brand and allow us a far greater opportunity to fill a space that is wide open and satisfy a customer that is very underserved.”

We can’t wait to get our hands on the pieces from the collection. Russell really outdid himself this time and it’s a miracle that Joseph was there to help him bring his vision to reality.

Take a look at a few pictures from the collection as well as the actual pictures from the HMX showroom from this morning’s visit in the gallery above.