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The HBO phenomenon series Girls is finally adding some color to their cast!

Girls’ Star Lena Dunham: The Reason Behind The Drake & Chris Brown Brawl?

The infamously pasty white show has leaked a casting notice that will finally break the coming of age program out of its pearly white eggshell.

Girls is currently searching for a black actress to play Tako, the show’s first African American cast member. 

Tako is a “tough, tiny lesbian” who makes soap and gets into fights. She wears a helmet and hates needy girls just as much as she hates her mother’s annoying messages left on her answering machine. This should be good.

The other good news is that this notice went out a year ago after the pilot was made, so these characters are bound to show up soon.

Girls has been lambasted for it’s all-white cast and creator and star Lena Dunham has had to answer some tough questions from the media. Looks like all the criticism paid off! 

SOURCE: Jezebel

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