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Rocsi Diaz tweeted out three tips to help those competing for her old job as the co-host of the hit BET show 106 and Park. Rocsi takes the search for her successor super seriously, so all you aspiring television hosts out there, take note!

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Rocsi tweeted some helpful tips, including: 

1.) Watch your mic placement when using a mic (we are hosts not rappers) you don’t want to cover your face. If not using a mic watch your levels, excited doesn’t mean yelling.

2.) Create great seques (radio people do this the best) be able to transition from one topic to the next seamlessly. Practice by taking jelly beans as a topic and then introduce Chris Brown’s new video “Don’t Wake Me Up.”

3.) Who you are on social media says a lot about who you are as a person. If you have pictures posted with bad images or negative tweets or Facebook comments, think twice they check all forms of who you are.

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Even if you’re not in the running for this specific TV spot, Rocsi’s tips are excellent for anyone who works in enertainment or television!